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  • Choose from a wide range of designs
  • Stunning, high-end quality
  • Ideal for an array of applications
  • Various privacy levels available

Obscure, Textured And Decorative Glass

Whether your home’s decor follows contemporary or traditional styling, everyone needs a little privacy every now and then. Thanks to the clever design of obscure glass, you’re able to create that sense of privacy while also adding some style to your property’s interior. With plenty of attractive options available, you’re able to allow maximum light to spread from room to room while also choosing the level of obscuration required. Obscured glass is created in a way to be both functional and charming and can be used for a wide range of domestic applications. All options are available as toughened or laminated for safety and security.

The Different Levels Of Privacy

The Pilkington glass range we offer comes from one of the best manufacturers on the market. There’s an exciting range of decorative etched glass on offer, with both traditional and contemporary designs available. Each comes with a modern opaque, matt appearance while also featuring a smooth and durable surface. As well as this, there’s the standard textured glass collection that comes in no fewer than 18 different designs. All glass comes with varying levels of obscurity, and the one you go for will depend on how much privacy you’re after. The higher the obscurity level, the more blurred the overall appearance is, making it more difficult to see through.