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  • Can reduce heating bills
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • All our glazing is rated A as standard
  • Manufactured to the highest of qualities


As technology and building techniques advance and the awareness of eco-friendliness increases, more and more people are looking to have the best energy-efficient glazing installed. In properties with high efficiency insulation, having a lack of adequate ventilation can cause condensation to appear on internal surfaces such as windows and glass doors. To reduce this risk, your best bet is to ensure that each room is properly ventilated. Improvements to frames and glazing can also help, especially in newer dwellings. Energy rated glazing can result in a more comfortable living space as well as a potentially higher value home. At Cleveland Conservatories, A-rated windows are standard, though other ratings are available. All customers will receive an energy rating certificate once the installation is complete.


  • Improved energy efficiency – EEG can work with your home’s cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and heating system to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home. This will allow you to enjoy lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Reduced noise pollution – Sealed double and triple glazing can be effective at reducing medium to high frequency noise. This will create a more comfortable, private and peaceful home environment.
  • Improved thermal insulation – Keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Reduced condensation – Too much condensation or moisture can potentially damage the window frame. If it is particularly bad, it may even affect other areas of the room too.
  • Safety and security – The two or more panes offer a more secure barrier against unwanted entry than a single-glazed window. The level of security can be enhanced further when laminated glass is used.
  • Cost Savings – As long as all other measures have been taken too, EEG can save you money over the long term. Factors depend on the size of your home, the type of windows you have installed and your energy supplier.
  • More comfortable living space – Lower heat loss combined with reduced noise levels help towards creating a much more enjoyable home environment.
  • Increased home value – Making energy-saving improvements to your home has the potential to boost its overall value.