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• Retains warmth in the winter months
• Keeps your conservatory cool in summer
• Eliminates noise from rain, wind & wildlife
• 10-year guarantee


Supalite Lightweight Tiled Roof Conservatories

Conservatories make perfect living spaces that can be enjoyed year-round. A lightweight tiled roof conservatory from Cleveland Conservatories is contemporary, offering a truly stunning finish to any home across Teesside and surrounding areas. As one of the most advanced systems on the market, SupaLite roofing helps to keep the room cool in summer while warm and comfortable in the winter. Not only will it look beautiful from the outside, but it’ll look great on the inside too. The SupaLite system has been designed in a way so that it fits perfectly onto your existing frames, allowing you to turn your conservatory into a fantastic sun porch. Every lightweight tiled roof is individually surveyed and precision built to order by our expert fitters, meaning it can be installed onto a wide range of conservatories, including Victorian, Edwardian, Gable and Lean-to.


Benefits Of SupaLite Conservatory Roofing

A conservatory with a lightweight tiled roof offers plenty of great benefits. Not only do SupaLite roofs come with a 10-year guarantee, but you’ll also have extra room for entertaining guests or finding a quiet place to relax in. Heat will be retained during colder months and it will not become too hot either, even with direct sunlight coming through. What’s more, a lightweight tiled roof will help to improve energy efficiency while also keeping your home safe and secure. All leaks will be eliminated, as will noise from rain, wind and wildlife.

tie bolt


Our precision-engineered security locking bolt eradicates movement between the bolt and rafter, giving a strong and rigid anti-slip joint connection.

lead flashing


The starter bar is designed to leave a perfect lead flashing line seamlessly connecting house and conservatory with a watertight seal and no need for lead top capping.

low level gasket system


Designed with concealed gaskets to prevent unsightly lines, ensuring your conservatory roof has a clean finish.

single bolt system


Our single bolt design keeps the conservatory watertight, with bolt fixings sitting within their own purpose designed channels which are concealed from view with decorative internal trims.

top caps


Our woodgrain and painted external top caps are made from aluminium to prevent warping and distortion, even in extreme weather conditions.

end caps


All external rafter end caps have a decorative shoulder around the visible face to ensure the finished conservatory looks complete from every angle.

range of styles


We can help you design your conservatory in any style, with popular ranges including Georgian, Victorian and Gable.

weather resistant


Global roof has been exhaustively tested and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions including a snow load of more than 2.7m and wind speeds of 250 k/ph.

high strength rafters


Rafter bars are designed for increased loads so there’s no need to compromise on specifications for structural design or weather performance.

elegant tie bar


Cross-bracing internal tie bars may be required for roof stability, but we’ve designed elegant solutions which don’t intrude into the head room of the conservatory.

insulated box cutter


Our innovative box gutter is twin skinned and insulated to reduce condensation with a special fixing plate that ensures no holes are drilled into the gutter.

variable valley


The flexible valley is designed to suit varying pitches and angles, and is cloaked internally and externally to give an attractive aesthetic appearance.

Be Smarter with SupaLite


Insulating or adding a solid conservatory roof requires time, effort and the right know-how. We’ve recently heard reports of companies that try to use cladding on existing conservatory roofs, which is both incorrect and dangerous. Conservatories are traditionally lightweight, as they’re not designed to carry the weight of a solid roof. As such, cladding on conservatory roofs can cause movement or even collapse.


Cowboy builders may try to twist your arm by claiming that the method is cheaper and easier to do, as wrapping a new roof over the existing system sounds like it’d work. But this option causes overstress on the roof and wall structure, which could result in catastrophic consequences. If your existing roof is a polycarbonate structure, it is extremely unlikely that this method will work. As such, you should definitely question the legitimacy and not commit to the expense of the project.


You may also encounter other methods of roof replacement, such as a roof that’s supported by a reinforced eaves beam. It’s important to ensure that existing foundations can carry this weight, so a trial hole should be created initially to check the adequacy of this project. If this isn’t done, you might want to consider another provider.


We’d always recommend a SupaLite roof if you’re thinking about replacing your existing conservatory roof. As well as the structural security that a SupaLite roof provides, they also eliminate any leaks that you might have experienced with a polycarbonate option. Just remember, cladding an existing conservatory roof, whether for replacement or insulation purposes, is almost always a precursor to trouble.

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